selected publications


"What Is Orientalism?" in Teen Vogue (2021)
"Beyond the Model Minority: A Review of Jenny Bhatt's Each of Us Killers" in Pleiades Magazine (2021)

"The Anti-Choice Movement Doesn't Want to #FreeBritney" in Rewire News (2021)

"What Is Necropolitics? The Political Calculation of Life and Death" in Teen Vogue (2021)

"Absent Center: Netflix's Dark and Time Travel as White Privilege" in The Los Angeles Review of Books (2020)

"Queer Liberation Is an Abolitionist Affair" in Wear Your Voice (2020)  ​

"The Casual Violence of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking" in Gaysi (2020)

"Silence, Voice, and Hegemony" in the Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (2019) 

"Hindutva and India's Insidious Nationalism" in The Emory Globe (print, 2016) 

"Hasan Minhaj's Special is the Comedy TED Talk You Need" in Brown Girl Magazine (2017) 

"Dear Immigration Services" in The Tempest (2016) 

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Feeds Off Nostalgia, Not Substance" in DragonFruit (2016)

"Book Review: Americanah" in VoiceCatcher (2016)


"Jack and Johnny Went Up the Hill: Emergent Homonationalism in Post-Section 377 Bollywood Cinema" forthcoming in the Journal of Postcolonial Writing (expected 2021)